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About CAS

CAS was founded in order to consolidate a group of specialists in automation, software and IT technologies and enable their active participation in implementation of innovative projects for industry. Our mission is to provide communication software solutions and integration services for real-time distributed systems.

We have more than 25 years of experience in developing real-time software for many industries: aviation, heat engineering, power industry and mining. Numerous very challenging projects have been successfully accomplished by CAS yielding ready-to-use solutions and software packages for various applications, e.g. a flight inspection system for ground radio navigation aids, distributed control systems of municipal (district) heating networks, a distributed system for pollution emission monitoring for power plants, a telemetric system designed for remote monitoring and control of an unmanned pumping station for a power plant group, a computer-aided control system for brown coal mines, computer IT and process control systems integration for common visualization and management (SCADA, DSC and GIS (ERP)) of industrial networks.

CommServer™ software is used for integration and development of distributed systems and it offers:

  • OPC international communication standard,
  • Unique communication technologies minimizing bandwidth utilization and providing redundancy,
  • Process data transmission using any communication media, including: GPRS, radio, satellite, copper and fibre-optic cables, etc.
  • Possibility of process testing/simulating and easy changing from laboratory environment to production environment,
  • Process data random recording to relational databases.

Thanks to the CommServer™ platform, various control systems have been integrated, including power-switching stations, pumping stations, group heat distribution centers, heating chambers, steam generator plants, heat and power plants and many other smaller projects. The platform communication engine has been designed using the OPC standard, so the solutions are open and certificates issued by the OPC Foundation confirm the openness claimed.

Communication technologies offered by CommServer™ allow for the implementation of safe solutions and considerable reduction of investment and operating costs connected with process data transmission. The possibility of process simulation significantly reduces the implementation costs because testing of the proposed solution on "a living organism" is avoided and most errors are found at the application development stage. The process simulation is invaluable also at the training stage as it provides safe training of operator behaviors also in emergency situations.

Integration with GIS, ERP, etc. and continuous saving in databases open new possibilities of production optimization thanks to the synergy effect resulting from combining process and business data in a consistent, real and current image of the enterprise concerned.

An extensive cooperation with scientific institutions, among others: Łódź Technical University, Innovation Center and High-Technology Accelerator of the University of Łódź, IC2 Institute of the University of Texas at Austin, enables us to accomplish unique solutions for the industry. A consolidated group of top-class specialists in different areas actively participate in the development of novel solutions to industrial production optimization.

CAS cooperates and is interested in opportunities including but not limited to the following:

  • Cooperation with OEM or VAR partners who can more fully utilize CAS services and software packages (visit www.commsvr.com) such as software development for real-time distributed industrial and communication applications. CAS has ready-to-use technology of embedded software development, extensive software libraries containing more than 1million lines of source code in high level language developed by CAS to provide real-time distributed systems;
  • Development of certified OPC Servers and Clients for automation devices (PLCs, communication modules, data concentrators, etc.);
  • Consulting (System Development); and
  • Software Research and Development (Cooperative Development).

We encourage you to make use of consulting services already at the initial phase of any investment or modernization preparation, in order to work out a guiding idea, strategy and analysis of control and telemetry systems development at heat engineering companies, from the biggest heating systems such as SPEC Warsaw and Dalkia Łódź to smaller ones such as e.g. PEC Sochaczew or PEC Łask. Previous experience shows that unique solutions can be implemented in stages thanks to a consistent concept and without any threat of entering "a blind alley".

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